For other uses, see Mrs. Bailey (disambiguation).
Mrs. Bailey
Mrs. Bailey - 01

Full Name

Mrs. Bailey (first name unknown)




Starlight Foundation


Manager of The Holograms

Voiced by

Hazel Shermet

Mrs. Bailey has served as housemother to the Starlight House since way before Emmett Benton passed away and Jerrica was left in charge. Her first appearance in the series took place in the very first episode, The Beginning.


A motherly, sensible fixture of the residence, she cooks for the girls and tends to their daily needs. She also consults with Jerrica on the management and finances of the Starlight Foundation. She is not aware of either Synergy's existence or Jerrica's secret identity as Jem.


  • She seems to get younger and thinner as the show progresses.
  • It's speculated that she must be a long time friend with the Bentons.

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