Mrs. Farnsworth
Mrs. Farnsworth

Full Name

Mrs. Farnsworth






Charity organizer

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That Old Houdini Magic

Mrs. Farnsworth appears in the episode That Old Houdini Magic.


A woman who organizes annual charity balls, this year with a magic theme, and all the profits will go to a the children's hospital for a new wing. She seems to be an expert on Houdini. She decided that everyone attending the ball will wear costumes from Houdini's time, the early 20th century. She invited the magician Astral to perform magic tricks at the ball, and Jem and The Holograms to sing. The Stingers tried to invite themselves, but when she doesn't fall for Riot's charm and turns them down, Rapture takes the part of the host body of Houdini's return and she buys it.


  • Mrs. Farnsworth wears lots of watches on each wrist and even as a ring, because a psychic once told her she will never die as long as her watch kept running.

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