Music Is Magic
Season 2, Episode 10
Jem and the Holograms - I Didn't Do It

Jem and the Holograms - I Didn't Do It

Air date October 14th, 1987
Written by Paul Dini
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Music is Magic is the tenth episode of the second season, and the 36th episode overall, of the Jem animated series.



Jem and The Holograms are invited to perform with the world's greatest magicians in the televised "Music & Magic" special. Naturally, The Misfits are also there to cause trouble for everyone.

A mishap during rehearsals causes Jem to disappear and the entire cast sets out in search of her. The Holograms aren't sure whether the Misfits or the magicians are to blame, because every time they accuse someone, another person vanishes before their eyes.

Eventually, they discover that Frack, Professor Frick's assistant, is the true villain behind the disappearances; his motives being that he wanted to become the best magician in the world, and to achieve this, the first step was to get rid of all competition.

In the end, Frack's plot is foiled, although he manages to escape, leaving Jem a note stating they hadn't seen the last of him.

Songs featured


  • Marla Martell: You'd be wise to remember not all of my tricks are illusions!

  • Stormer: (panicked, being attacked by a tiger) Hey, take is easy, Raya! Let bygones be bygones, Okay?!
  • Devon Silverstone: That's not Raya! It's a real tiger! (he attacks the tiger with his staff and fails)
  • Shana: Your magic's not working!

  • Jem: Yeah, but I wonder what happened to the Misfits, they were supposed to sing too?
  • Shana: Last I saw they were taking care of that creep Frack!
  • Kimber: (she points to the left where the Misfits are tied up) Uh, guys?
  • Jem: There's a note! (she picks it up and reads the note) We'll meet again! Signed: The Great Frack!
  • Kimber: Well, I guess he had to be a great magician to keep those four quiet.





  • When Aja and Shana question everyone about how Jem disappeared, Shana's voice is coming out of Aja's mouth and vice versa.
  • Before and after the Misfits arrive, the Holograms are holding their instruments and then they disappear.
  • When Silverstone gives Jem a bouquet, the fishnet stockings she's wearing go away for a couple of seconds.
  • Raya's skin is a light color instead of the darker tan.
  • After everyone agrees to look for Jem, Aja turns around and her lips are red.
  • After Kimber is freed from the casket, she states that Marla and Pizzazz were attacked by illusions. However, she never saw Pizzazz being attacked because she was trapped in the casket.
  • After Raya thinks she sees Jem in a cage, Stormer loses her tights.
  • At the end of the episode, Frack leaves the Misfits tied down and with a note attached to them. Jem picks up the note and reads it. In the last shot, the note mysteriously appears attached to the Misfits again.


  • Professor Frick and his assistant, Frack, are a parody of Frick and Frack, two Swiss skaters who joined the original Ice Follies show as comedy ice skaters.
  • Frack is one of the one-time characters who turn out to the the villain.