Nadia Dvorak
Nadia Dvorak - 01

Full name

Nadia Dvorak


Zagreb, Yugoslavia (now Croatia)








Peter Dvorak (husband)
Giselle Dvorak (daughter)
Johan Dvorak (grandfather-in-law)
Anna Dvorak


Homeland, Heartland[1]

Voiced by


Nadia Dvorak is a mentioned character in the Jem animated series. She was a famous Yugoslav ballerina in her youth and also Danse's mother.


Nadia was a prominent ballerina at the Zagreb ballet. She had a brilliant future ahead of her and was most likely going to be the next prima ballerina. Artistic director, Victor Krosach, saw her potential and was determined to make her accomplish this at all costs, taking her for himself along the way.

Fate intervened, though, and Nadia fell in love with a doctor named Peter Dvorak; not long after that, they got married. Seeing how their relationship could ruin her career, Victor devised a plan to get rid of Peter and keep Nadia at the same time.

A flu epidemic was razing the country at the time and one day Peter got arrested, accused of stealing the last supplies of penicillin from his own consulting room to sell them in the black market. Victor, the real perpetrator of the theft and the one who accused Peter to the Yugoslav authorities, seized this opportunity and told Nadia that Peter was found guilty of stealing and was shot dead by the police while trying to escape. Not knowing Peter's whereabouts, Nadia believed him, but only partially; while she thought Peter was in fact dead, she never believed him to be guilty of such a crime.

However, fate had yet another card reserved in this game and it resulted that Nadia had just discovered she was pregnant with Peter's child. Not wanting to take any risks by living in the same country that murdered her husband, she decided to move to the United States, where she gave birth to a beautiful baby whom she named Giselle.

She found work as a waitress and on her free time she inculcated the love for dancing to her daughter. Unfortunately, a natural disaster took place when Giselle was only 9 years old and both got separated and lost track of each other. Nadia became an amnesiac that fateful day and no one could ever tell about her whereabouts.

It is unknown what really happened to Nadia since that day. It could be possible that she is still alive somewhere, waiting for the day she is finally reunited with her daughter... a girl who she does not even remember to exist.



  • It was never revealed what kind of natural disaster was the culprit of making both Nadia and Giselle get separated.
  • Nadia's name is most likely a homage to former Romanian gymnast and winner of three Olympic gold medals, Nadia Comăneci, noted for being the first gymnast to receive a perfect score of 10.0 at the 1976 Summer Olympic games in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


  1. Mentioned only.

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