Nightclub (Maria Castello) - 02

The nightclub (actual name unknown) is a location in the Jem animated series. It is one of the hottest lounges in New York City, which functions the same as a dance club or a place where parties can be thrown. Its owner is Maria Castello, who also owns a small art gallery in the market district of the city.


While on the outside the nightclub appears to be nothing out of the ordinary and may even give the appearance of being some sort of warehouse, the main lounge, where all the action takes place, is located in an upper floor with big windows that provide an excellent view of the city.

The place counts with a luxurious semicircular bar on the right side upon entering, with a few big tables following the same design scattered here and there. The barman also functions as the bouncer and is always ready to get his hands dirty if the occasion demands it.

Various abstract paintings in many sizes and shapes decorate the walls. Most of the place is devoid of furniture, providing ample space for people to dance or allowing to set art exhibitions.

The main ambiance of the nightclub is themed in both blue and green colors, with many paneled lights arranged throughout its ceiling which provide a dimmed illumination, procuring a calm atmosphere when an exhibition is being held but also enough darkness for people to feel comfortable when the place runs as a dance club.

Its visitors range from the most sophisticated society members when an exhibition takes place, to the most extravagant and bizarre-looking individuals every other night, always looking to have some fun.

Behind the bar is a special room locked electronically, with all of its walls covered with mirrors. Behind one of these mirrors is a secret panel that gives access to a hidden niche were valuables can be stored.


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