Nirvana logo


Riot (lead vocals)
Jerry (lead guitar)
Minx (synthesizers)
(unknown) (backup guitars)
(unknown) (drums)



Nirvana was the name of a music band Riot joined when he was doing his service in the army. When he left the band to start his own, Minx, the keyboardist of the group and his high school friend, also left the band to join him in his new project.


Nirvana was a rock band originally consisting of four members. They happened to be playing in Germany while Rory Llewelyn was doing his service in the army. Rory immediately took a liking to their music and imagery, going to see them play whenever he had the opportunity. He became acquaintances with one of the band members, the keyboardist known as Minx, whom he already knew from high school.

Bewildered by the band's music, imagery and lifestyle, it inspired him to follow his natural talent as a musician. By a twist of fate, one day the guitarist of Nirvana, Jerry, quit the band after a discussion with his other bandmates and Rory seized this opportunity to take a chance and see if they would accept him to fill the gap. Seeing his natural charisma and onstage dominance, he was immediately offered to join them on their tour through Europe.

After hesitating for a moment, knowing he still had duties in the army, he finally decided to leave the military behind and join the band, presenting himself to the world with his new onstage persona: "Riot". With their new acquisition, Nirvana became the new craze. The band attracted many fans and Rory's musical collaborations were well accepted by the other bandmates.

However, even Riot, with his new fame as a glam rockstar, couldn't escape from his responsibilities, and as soon as the tour ended and he returned to Germany, the military police arrested him for deserting the army and he was given a dishonorable discharge. His father, a brigadier-army general, was the most affected by this event and when Rory attempted to return home, he was instead rejected and driven away by him.

With no other place to go, Rory worked his way back to Europe and re-joined Nirvana. After a fight with the lead guitarist, he quit the band for good and decided to form one of his own. Minx, knowing he had a bright future in the music business, quit the band too and followed him in this new enterprise.


  • It is currently unknown what happened to the band after Riot's and Minx's departure. No mention of them is ever made after the episode they appear in, leading some to speculate that they disbanded or kept on playing in small clubs.
  • An interesting fact is that the real life band Nirvana released their first single in November of 1988, while the Jem episode, The Stingers Hit Town (Part 1), where the band's history is told, aired in February of the same year.


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