O'Carolan Gallery - 02

O'Carolan's Gallery is a location in the Jem animated series. It is a modest locale in Los Angeles, California, which specializes in displaying and selling oil-painted portraits.


O'Carolan Gallery - 01

O'Carolan's Gallery is a small locale established in L.A.'s suburbs. Its owner is Vietnam War veteran, Martin O'Carolan, who specializes in painting portraits in oil. A little hanging signboard on the street with the shop's name welcomes its visitors. It has a modest, green-colored canvas ceiling over the entrance and two window displays at each side of the main door, one with the word "Portraits" on it. Some of Martin's paintings are displayed in them, in the hope of attracting possible customers.

The place gives the impression of being bigger on the inside than how it looks from the outside. Upon entering, there's a small waiting room with a few couches in it. While not much furniture can be found inside, the few that is there is elegantly decorated, giving a comfortable and cozy ambiance. Big windows near the study provide enough ventilation from the oil's fumes. The rest of the walls have a series of portraits hanging along them. Some sections also have upper walls where more paintings can be found. The floor is all covered in wood, with just a small red carpet that leads visitors from the entrance to the study.



  • Due to the structure of the shop, it may also be the place where Martin lives, probably having an upper floor conditioned for more domestic usage.

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