Old Meets New
Season 1, Episode 21
Jem 21 Old Meets New

Jem 21 Old Meets New

Air date November 15th, 1986
Written by Sandy Fries
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Old Meets New is the twenty-first episode of the first season, and the 21st episode overall, of the Jem animated series.


When Jem and The Holograms perform a cover of a song called "Rock And Roll Is Forever" at an outdoor concert, they infuriate an elderly singer named Bobby Bailey, who turns out to be the lead singer of a 50's rock and roll band called Bobby Bailey and the Tornadoes.

However, Bobby turns out to be a man with a big heart, but also a big problem: his flat is scheduled for demolition and Eric Raymond is behind it. Will Jem and the Holograms manage to help Bobby or will the wrecking ball win the day?

Songs featured


  • Bobby: That song was meant to be played straight and simple without those new fangled synthesizers, moogs and other electronic claptrap.
  • Kimber: What good is a guitar if you can't plug it in?

  • Bobby: That song. That song was all wrong.
  • Kimber: What makes you such an authority on how we should be playing that song?

  • Eric: Oh, how relaxing! (maneuvers the wrecking ball at the building)
  • Stormer: You sure got weird hobbies, Eric.

  • Bobby: (to Kimber) I may be an old fossil to you, but I don't need some new wave-age, space cadet to tell me how to swing a hammer.

  • Jem: Eric Raymond is really playing dirty.
  • Bobby: Hey, it could be a lot worse. Eric could bring back the Misfits and have them play their music.