One Jem Too Many
Season 2, Episode 4
Jem and the Holograms - Two Jems

Jem and the Holograms - Two Jems

Air date September 24th, 1987
Written by Buzz Dixon
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The Bands Break Up

One Jem Too Many is the fourth episode of the second season, and the 30th episode overall, of the Jem animated series.


Jerrica, stressed-out from dealing with tax forms and the usual trouble at home and the office, gets into trouble with a nasty-tempered Jem impersonator, whose outrageous, public meltdowns and temper tantrums threaten to destroy the real Jem's career.

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Kimber: You look beat, Jerrica. Why don't you come with us? We're going shopping.
Aja: A new outfit will make you feel a 100% better!
Jerrica: Percent. Oh, good thing you mentioned numbers, Aja. I forgot. Starlight Music's quarterly tax returns are due tomorrow.

Fake Jem (to Rio): So. Where are you taking me? Not some cheap place, I hope.
Rio: I thought we would go to the Red Rock Restaurant. Is that ok?
Fake Jem: Perfect. Everybody who is anybody eats here.

Fake Jem (to the Maitre' D while at the restaurant): Hey, baldy. We want the best table you've got. Now.

Fake Jem: Those people will move. (walks up to a customer) You, fatso. Hit the road, Jack. I want to eat.

Fake Jem (to the manager): You're selling my records at a discount.
Manager: But Starlight Records gave permission... (avoiding records being thrown around by Jem) to lower the prices so more fans could afford them.
Fake Jem: Let the mindless little twerps pay double.

Rio (knocks at Jerrica's door): Hi. Can I come in? Ever think you know someone, but then they turn out to be completely the opposite of what you thought.
Jerrica: What do you mean?
Rio: Jem acted like a complete child and threw a temper tantrum when I took her to the Red Rock Restaurant.
Jerrica: (baffled and in disbelief) Jem. But that's impossible.
Rio: Yeah, I would have thought so too.

Kimber (to Jerrica): Okay. What was the big scene in the record store all about?
Raya: It seemed so unlike you.
Shana: You can say that again. I was embarrassed to be a member of the band.
Aja: We all were.
Jerrica: What are you talking about? First, Rio says he had lunch with Jem and I know he couldn't have. And now you say I was at the record store, but I've been here all afternoon.

Fake Jem (while at a vendor's booth): You think this garbage is going to sell. Here's what I think of your... (knocks over table) merchandise.

(The Holograms follow Jem, but catch up to Jerrica)
Jerrica: Hurry. She went this way. (taking off)
Shana: She keeps switching back and forth.
Raya: Catch her before she reveals she's Jem. (following Jerrica around the hall corner)
Jerrica: She's trapped. This is a dead end. (seeing only a cleaning lady) This is impossible. I know she came down here. There's no way out.

Jerrica: I am not cracking up. I know what I saw. I saw Jem at the show.
Aja: Jerrica, if Jem wasn't you, who was she?

Announcer: Let's go live to Hector Ramirez at the world premiere of Flint Westwood's new film, "My Fist in Your Face".
Hector Ramirez: Flint Westwood himself is here. Along with Sigourney Loomis, martial arts star Bruth Lee and look who's just arrived: Jem.

Fake Jem: Out of my way!
Hector Ramirez: Jem. What's gotten into you?
Fake Jem: Pipe down, Ramirez. I'm the star they want to see.
Flint Westwood: But.. but it's my movie.
Fake Jem: Okay. Here's some popcorn (dumping a bucket of popcorn on his head) to go along with it.
Hector Ramirez: Folks, you saw it here first. Jem. Live and out of control.

(When the cleaning lady comes in)
Eric: (irritated) Lady, look, do your cleaning up some other time, huh? We're busy here. Now clear out.
(The cleaning lady takes off her glasses and scarf, revealing herself as Jem)
Eric: Jem, what are you doing here?
Roxy: Spying on us.
Jetta: Get lost, creep.
Pizzazz: Relax, girls. Okay, Jem. You can drop the charade.
(Jem pulls of her mask)
Clash: Ta-da.
Roxy, Jetta, Stormer, & Eric: Clash!

Eric (on closed-circuit television): Welcome aboard to the S.S. Up the Creek, Jem. I hope you enjoy your pre-programmed cruise on the high seas. And while you're gone. My Jem will take over your concert and give your career a one way ticket to the bottom of the charts.

Jem (after a motorist pulls his car over): Hi. Can we catch a ride?
Little Girl: Daddy. It's Jem and the Holograms. Let's give them a ride.
Dad: No. I've heard too many stories. I don't want my daughter associating with people like you.
Little Girl: I don't think Jem did those things. It's just not like her.
Jem: Thanks. You don't know how much that means to me.

Jem (while confronting the fake Jem): Hold it right there. I don't know who you are or what kind of scam you are trying to pull, but it's ending right now.
Fake Jem: What do you mean, scam? You're the one trying to run a scam. I'm the real Jem.
Jem: All right. If you're the real Jem. Then prove it. Sing something.