Owner (The Scene) - 01

Full name

(actual name unknown)




Nightclub owner and announcer


The Bands Break Up

Voiced By

Bobbie Block


"Let's show 'em we love 'em!"

The unnamed owner of The Scene nightclub is a minor character in the Jem animated series.


The owner of The Scene nightclub is a very friendly and easy-going person who enjoys the success that her establishment has attained. Perhaps it's not the biggest or fanciest club in town, but there's no denying that the place is doing well enough and she seems to appreciate that.

Not that it's actually needed, she acts as a host every night and announces all the artists that are scheduled to go onstage. She dresses in a flamboyant style which gives her an appearance somewhat similar to that of a circus announcer.

Owner (The Scene) - 02

When both Kimber and Stormer happened to be at the club the same night, it was she who notices them among the crowd and entices all the concurrence into cheering for them to convince them in performing together. After the number was over, she approached them and, without any reservations, hugged them both, enthusiastically inviting (or more likely, begging) them to come play at her establishment every night.


  • It was her discovery of Kimber and Stormer at her nightclub, the event that started to set everything in motion for their band to eventually become a reality.

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