#154: Perfect Match
HQ The Stingers - Perfect Match (154 187)01:01

HQ The Stingers - Perfect Match (154 187)

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Perfect Match is a song by The Stingers, and it the 154th song in Jem.


International versions

  • The Portuguese version is called "Par Perfectio" ("Perfect Pair").


Perfect match
Perfect, perfect match

Someone as wonderful as you
Needs someone as wonderful as me
And you need someone wonderful

Lady, can't you see we're a perfect match? Perfect match
We're a perfect match, a perfect match

Side by side, unified
We'll make an ideal pair (make an ideal pair)
Where else can you find someone,
So good, so right, so rare?

No one as half as good for you
And no one is ever gonna be
Can't you see that he's a perfect catch?

Together we would be a perfect match (together)
Together we would be a perfect match (ooh, yeah) (perfect match)
Together we would be a perfect match

Perfect match (perfect match)
Oh, perfect match

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