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Pit Slurman is a minor character in the Jem animated series. He is the publisher of Cool Trash, a magazine that focuses on gossip about celebrities and is a sponsor of The Harriet Horn Show.


When the Misfits got their hands on Kimber's diary, they knew they had something going on, though the question was how to use it. The answer could not be more simple: bring it to that unethical publisher of Cool Trash magazine, Pit Slurman.

As expected, Pit was overjoyed to have been brought such a juicy item and did not think it twice before starting to use it to destroy Kimber, and the rest of the Holograms along with her, if with that he could sell more issues.

His unscrupulous behavior did not end there, though, and he even arranged an interview with Sean Harrison to obtain more scoop material. He tampered with the recorded tape afterward and built up his own version of the story, with things not looking good for Kimber as a result.

Fortunately, Sean stepped in during an interview with Harriet Horn and Kimber's name was finally clarified.

A few Cool Trash headlines can be seen throughout the series, which most likely can be credited to Slurman, or at least, passed through his approval:

  • "Kimber loves Sean! 'I could care less' he says"[1]
  • "Kimber models rags in Paris"[1]
  • "Jem goes berserk!" (when in fact it was Clash disguised as her)[2]


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