Biographical information
Name: Phyllis Gabor
Alias: Pizzazz, Pizz
Birth: 1991
Age: 24
Home: Santa Monica, CA.
Affiliation: The Misfits
Occupation: Musician
Instruments: Lead vocals, guitar
Physical information
Ethnicity: Jewish-American
Gender: Female
Hair: Green and pink
Eyes: Green
Height: 5ʼ11ʼʼ
Technical information
Era: IDW comics
Debut: Jem and The Holograms, Issue 2
For the animated series character, see Pizzazz.

Phyllis Gabor, better known by her stage name, Pizzazz, is a character in the IDW Jem and The Holograms comics series. She is the Misfits' lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist.


Concept art


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