Prescott Wentworth

Full Name

Prescott A. Wentworth III




The Fan

Voiced by

Rob Paulsen

Prescott A. Wentworth III is a minor character who appears in the episode The Fan.


Prescott is a wealthy young man who is completely obsessed with Jem. He has many pictures of her inside his house and even his doorbell plays an excerpt of "Truly Outrageous". He places an ad on the newspaper, offering a large sum of money to anyone who can reveal Jem's true identity. The Misfits quickly answer the ad and, while they don't know who Jem really is, explain to Prescott a plan to discover it: to create an exact replica of Starlight Mansion and hire actors to pose as The Holograms to trick Jem into revealing her true identity. Fearing this would ruin Jem's career, he tries to call it off, but he's then pushed inside a closet and locked in.

The Misfits' plan ultimately fails and Prescott is freed by the Holograms. He apologizes to Jem for trying to reveal her secret and offers to sponsor their next concert, with all raisings going to charity.

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