IDW Raya
Biographical information
Name: Carmen Alonso
Alias: Raya
Age: 24
Affiliation: The Holograms
The Stingers (formerly)
Occupation: Musician
Instruments: Drums
Physical information
Ethnicity: Mexican
Gender: Female
Hair: Blonde (formerly)
Orange-Blonde (currently)
Eyes: Black
Height: 5ʼ5ʼʼ
Technical information
Era: IDW comics
Debut: Jem and The Holograms, Issue 16
For the animated series character, see Raya.

Carmen Alonso, best known as Raya, is a character in the IDW Jem and The Holograms comics series. She debuted as the drummer for The Stingers. She later joined The Holograms in issue 23.


Although Jetta and Raya were introduced in the cartoon at the same time, creators Campbell and Thompson wanted to avoid repeating the stories of the cartoon verbatim. Jetta was added to the comic from it's inception, because her backstory of joining the band was not as essential, but Raya's involvement with The Holograms, in particular her knowing Jerrica's secret, meant they wanted to introduce Raya when the plot had more room to do it justice. In Issue 16 she was revealed to be a part of the European band The Stingers, now with blonde hair and yellow make up instead of pink.

Artist Campbell has stated that, when drawing Raya, she visualises her as being of mixed Indigenous Mexican ethnicity.



  • Having debuted as a member of The Stingers, she is the first character to change her introduction to the story as to having been in a rival band before joining to the Holograms.
  • Being yellow and black the identity colors for The Stingers, she retained yellow as her own identity color with the Holograms.
  • Loves: Her brothers, Greece, archery, milkshakes, authentic Mexican food, coffee, young adult novels, horror movies, carnivals, dogs, the ocean, loyalty and flying.
  • Hates: Her brothers, drama, fake people, and long car trips.
  • Guilty pleasure: N/A 
  • Prized possession: Custom handmade bow and arrows.
  • Voted most likely to: Keep a secret.
  • Deepest secret: N/A
  • Raya liking archery may be a nod to her archery skills in the animated series episode Renaissance Woman.
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