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Danse Time

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Richard Xanthos is a philanthropist who has his own charity, the Xanthos Charity Foundation, to improve the world for children and people in need. He is helped by his assistant, Christine, and usually likes to have contests with people in the musical industry. He appeared in two episodes of Jem.


In the episode The Treasure Hunt, the Xanthos Charity Foundation is sponsoring a treasure hunt, inviting two famous musicians to participate with a group of three kids each. One is the famous rockstar, Jem, and the other one is Pizzazz. The prize is a priceless item of the Xanthos collection, which at the end results to be a collection of books.

In the episode Danse Time, Mr. Xanthos is sponsoring a new contest, this time for rock groups to film a video which represents friendship and goodwill. Every group has three weeks to complete it and this time the prize is $250,000, which Jerrica thinks could be helpful for Haven House.


As much as we can see, Richard is a wealthy, educated and generous man who is very concerned in helping others. He loves reading books and helping the world to become a better place for everyone.

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