Rock 'n Roll Express
Season 2, Episode 18
Jem and the Holograms - Over the Top01:45

Jem and the Holograms - Over the Top

Air date November 3rd, 1987
Written by Steve Mitchell
Barbara Petty
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Rock 'n Roll Express is the 44th episode of Jem.


Jem and The Holograms tour by way of a train so they can perform to small town fans and raise money for the Starlight Foundation. The Misfits are unhappy with all the coverage they are getting and decide to steal the spotlight by having a concert of their own.

While dropping flyers overhead from an airplane, the plane crashes and they have to get on Jem's train. The Misfits return their rivals' kindness by sabotaging them and accidentally putting the train on a runaway course, only to be rescued. Stormer then confesses that it was their doing that almost literally killed everyone, and they end up leaving in the end.

Songs featured


  • This is the second time the song "It Takes Alot To Survive" has been played, the other time being in Island of Deception.

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