Roxy Rumbles
Season 2, Episode 13
HD Jem Episode 39 Roxy Rumbles

HD Jem Episode 39 Roxy Rumbles

Air date October 20th, 1987
Written by Jina Bacarr
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Roxy Rumbles is the thirteenth episode of the second season, and the 39th episode overall, of the Jem animated series.


A live appearance by The Misfits as hosts of KRTV's "Video Madness" accidentally reveals that Roxy is illiterate. After a fight, Roxy leaves The Misfits and she later finds a lottery ticket, winning $1 million dollars. She goes back to her hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where Jem and The Holograms are having their "Rock Out Illiteracy" tour.

Roxy throws a bigger party than the Holograms, but due to a lack of free merchandise promised by Roxy, a riot ensues causing extensive damage. Roxy is quickly overwhelmed by the situation but Jem assists her. The Red Aces decide to learn to read. Roxy's remaining winnings are confiscated by the IRS as she was unable to read a correspondence sent by them. Ba Nee gives Roxy a book that can help her to learn to read. Roxy, touched by Ba Nee's new found kindness towards her, accepts the book, just before Eric Raymond and the Misfits come and convince Roxy to rejoin the Misfits, which is what Roxy agrees to do. In the end, Roxy secretly teaches herself to read thanks to the book Ba Nee gave her.

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(During Jem & The Holograms' public service announcement)
Jem: Hi, this is Jem and the Holograms to tell you about our "Rock Out Illiteracy" tour.
Shana: With live appearances in 47 cities.
Aja: From Philadelphia to San Diego.
Kimber: So watch for us in your city.
Ba Nee: And help us rock out illiteracy by learning to read.

Jetta: (about the paper Roxy's holding) Roxy, it's easier to read right-side up.
Pizzazz: That's not gonna help if she's too stupid to learn to read.
Jetta: Yeah, Roxy, can you sign your name or do you just make a big "X"? (she and Pizzazz laugh)
Roxy (tears up the paper): Ooh, I'm not stupid enough to hang around here any longer. (throws the scraps of paper in Pizzazz's face) I quit!