#132: Safe And Sound
HQ Jem - Safe and Sound (132 187)01:12

HQ Jem - Safe and Sound (132 187)

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Safe And Sound is a song by Jem and The Holograms, and it is the 132nd song in Jem.



Safe and sound, no need to worry
Safe and sound, no rush, no hurry

Nothing to alarm you
No one to harm you
You're safe and sound

Safe and sound, calm, comfy, cozy
Safe and sound, the future is rosy

Life is bright and breezy
You can breathe easy
You're safe and sound

Safe and sound

The danger is over and done
Come on out, come on out into the sun, whoa

Safe and sound, the bad is past now
Safe and sound, happy at last now

To the twelfth of never
Now and forever
You're safe and sound

Safe and sound, you're safe and sound

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