#145: Starlight
HQ Jacqui Benton - Starlight (145 187)01:08

HQ Jacqui Benton - Starlight (145 187)

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For other uses, see Starlight (disambiguation).

Starlight is a song by the late Jacqui Benton, and it is the 145th song in Jem. This song was recovered by Aja from deep inside Synergy's memory bank, which she might not even know was stored there.


International versions

  • The Portuguese version is called "Estrela" ("Star").


Starlight is the message
That I send from beyond
Starlight is for always, even when I'm gone
With a starlight to shimmer on and on

Starlight won't desert you
Starlight's always there
Starlight is the present I send from high above
Starlight is eternal like my love

Starlight is the message that I send


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