#152: Stingers Theme
(Power Mix) HQ The Stingers - Stingers Theme (152 187)00:58

(Power Mix) HQ The Stingers - Stingers Theme (152 187)

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Stingers Theme is a song by The Stingers, and it is the 152nd song in Jem.


International versions

  • The Portuguese version is simply called "Stingers Theme".


(Sting-Sting-Stingers) we'll sting you with our sound
(Sting-Sting-Stingers) we're the hottest band around
(Sting-Sting-Stingers) we'll sting you with our songs
(Sting-Sting-Stingers) we'll be on top before too long

We're the happenin' thing
We're takin' wind
We're the latest buzz
The greatest band that ever was

(Sting-Sting-Stingers) we're off to a hot start
(Sting-Sting-Stingers) we're gonna rock this place apart

(Sting-Sting-Stingers) we're gonna break through
(Sting-Sting-Stingers) our "Minx" will startle you
(Sting-Sting-Stingers) our music is "Rapturous"
(Sting-Sting-Stingers) there'll be a "Riot" over us

(Stingers, Stingers, Stingers)

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