#94: Take The Time
HQ Jem - Take the Time (94 187)01:11

HQ Jem - Take the Time (94 187)

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Take The Time is a song by Jem and The Holograms, and it is the 94th song in Jem.



Take the time to give of yourself
Take the time to share
Take an hour and dreams will flower
Take the time to care

(Take the time) take the time to open your heart
(Take the time) find some time to spend
You can reach and make time to teach them
Try to be a friend

Take the time
To see it through
Take the time, they'll adjust
And you'll win the trust in you

(Take the time) take the time to listen a while
(Take the time) hear what they're dreaming of
If only more did, how they'd be rewarded
Take the time to love
Take the time to love

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