Terri gurl

Full Name

Terri (last name unknown)






Starlight Girls

Voiced by

Patricia Alice Albrecht

Terri is a minor character in the Jem animated series. She is one of the youngest Starlight Girls and is known for still being afraid of the dark and having a very active imagination.


Terri is a skittish yet cute and pretty little girl who's still afraid of the dark (a nyctophobic) and is particularly vulnerable to scary movies and scary stories[1][2]. According to the Jem Bible, Terri was 8 when the series began (1985). She's the same age as Ba Nee, and because she is one of the youngest Starlight Girls, she tends to believe in monsters, ghost, vampires and werewolves.

She lived in the Starlight House until the day it burned down; since then she has been living in the Starlight Mansion.


Terri has blonde hair fashioned in long braided pigtails and usually wears either a blue dress or blue skirt. One of her characteristic features are the many freckles of her face.


She is a bit gullible[2] but she's also smart enough to not believe lies.[3] She is quite afraid of the dark and has a very active imagination, which leads her into believing in the existence of ghosts and other monsters. However, she is also very capable of overcoming her fears, provided there's someone around to explain her how things really are.



  • It seems that she must be a friend of Danny, as she's been seen with him in one of Jem's commercial break clips.


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