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The Scene, also known as the Teen Scene, is a location in the Jem animated series. It is a nightclub for teenagers where they can listen to music bands live while enjoying the best ice cream-based desserts in town.


"The Scene" is a small locale where teenagers can go listen to music bands live while enjoying a nice soda or ice cream. The place counts with a little bar at the end, where customers can either just buy their refreshments or stay seated on the many stools arranged around it. The main hall has many small, square-shaped tables arranged along it with only two chairs each, where sweethearts can have a conversation while enjoying the music.

Near the entrance is a small stage where music bands can perform. Behind it, red curtains can be seen which presumably give access to the backstage. The stage itself has a little staircase on its front for quick access.

The floors, walls, stage and every other structure inside is covered in wood and a big signboard with the words "The Scene" surrounded by lights decorates one of the bigger walls near the bar.

Additional information

Owner (The Scene) - 02

The owner of the club also functions as the announcer and calls the next act scheduled in that night's repertoire. She dresses in a flamboyant style, somewhat resembling a circus' announcer.

Although the name of the place is called "The Scene", its employees (namely, the barman) wear t-shirts with the label "Teen Scene" on them. It is unclear if this is an alternate name for the place, a leftover from a previous name, or just a mistake from the animators.


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