The Treasure Hunt
Season 2, Episode 8
Jem and the Holograms - Meet the Misfit Girls02:25

Jem and the Holograms - Meet the Misfit Girls

Air date October 5th, 1987
Written by Ellen Guon
Christy Marx
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The Treasure Hunt is the 34th episode of Jem.


Richard Xanthos sponsors a literature-themed treasure hunt in which the winning team will get a priceless item from the Zanthos collection. Jem chaperones the Starlight Girls team which consists of Ashley, Krissie and Ba Nee, while Pizzazz chaperones three street urchins named Molly, Ellen and Sandra, that Eric paid off.

The Misfit Girls deliberately cheat by having Techrat feed them riddle answers through an earpiece and stealing the Starlight Girls' map. Somehow, the Starlight Girls must use their own wits and knowledge of classic books to reclaim the lead.

The Starlight Girls eventually manage to win the contest and Sandra joins them since Pizzazz abandoned her after she broke her ankle. In the end, even Ellen and Molly reform too.

Songs featured


Pizzazz: What an obnoxious little brat!
Eric: Reminds me of you, Pizzazz.


  • When Xanthos' assistant is speaking to Eric, her eye is overlapping her nose.
  • After Jem and the three Starlight Girls escape the maze, Ba Nee's pink sleeves are missing.
  • When the Starlight Girls are awarded the winners, Jem's lips are a very dark pink, instead of the normal, pale pink.


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