Victor Krosach
Victor Krosach - 01

Full name

Victor Krosach


Zagreb, Yugoslavia (now Croatia)




Artistic director of the Zagreb ballet


Homeland, Heartland

Voiced by


Victor Krosach is a minor character appearing in the Jem animated series. He is the artistic director of the Zagreb ballet and is also a very powerful man in his country. He is the main villain in the episode Homeland, Heartland and is the person responsible of why Danse's parents got separated many years ago.


Victor is the artistic director of the Zagreb ballet in Yugoslavia (now Croatia). He has a privileged position in his country, what makes him a very powerful and influential man. Purist and conservative by nature, he despises any outside influences, especially those from American people, and believes that new forms of art, like music from bands like The Holograms, really don't fall into this category and should be dismissed.

When the Holograms, along with Danse, visited Yugoslavia to shoot their new music video with the Zagreb ballet, much against his will, he had to receive them for diplomatic reasons, not without showing his evident disapproval.

However, when he met Danse, or more correctly, Giselle Dvorak, and saw her rehearsing on stage, he immediately recognized her as the daughter of Nadia Dvorak, a famous Yugoslav ballerina he met and performed with many years ago and who he managed to ruin her relationship with her husband, Peter, to force her into dedicating the rest of her life to her dancing career only.

When he saw that Giselle had inherited the same beauty, talent and personality as her mother's, he tried to repeat what he tried to do years before: force her to remain at the ballet and forget about everything else ...even love.

Vera, a former prima ballerina, can usually be seen helping Victor to achieve his mischievous plans.


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