Video Wars
Season 3, Episode 3
Jem and the Holograms - Friends Take Care of Friends01:47

Jem and the Holograms - Friends Take Care of Friends

Air date February 4th, 1988
Written by Cary Bates
Greg Weisman
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Video Wars is the 56th episode of Jem.


Clash wants desperately to become a Misfit; however, Pizzazz will not let her. Clash convinces Pizzazz to allow her be a member of The Misfits if she manages to ruin Jem's live video performance. Pizzazz agrees and Clash comes up with a plan to disguise herself as a college student and ask Jem if she can go on tour with them for a "video project". While on the tour, she finds herself actually admiring and enjoying being around The Holograms.

Songs featured


  • This episode features three songs from the Holograms and none from the Misfits.
  • This was the last episode with a speaking role for Clash.

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