#72: We're Up/You're Down
Jem and the Misfits - We're Up You're Down Master Tape (72 187)01:17

Jem and the Misfits - We're Up You're Down Master Tape (72 187)

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We're Up/You're Down is a song by Jem and The Holograms and The Misfits, and it's the 72nd song in Jem.



We're up, we're moving
We made a big advance
You're down, start improving
Or you haven't got a chance

We're up, we're cooking
It's starting to perk
You're down, start looking
For another line of work

We're heading for the skies
Our star is on the rise
The figures never lie
Girl, you better open your eyes

We're down, we're losing
There goes the loving cup
That's right, we're winning
Which means your number's up

(That's right we're winning)
Our momentum won't stop
That's right, we're winning
And we're going over the top

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