Yaki Tori
Yaki Tori - 04

Full Name

Yaki Tori






Fashion designer


Straight from the Heart

Voiced by


Yaki Tori is a minor character in the Jem animated series. He is a famous fashion designer for The Stingers.


Yaki is a world renowned fashion designer who is currently working at Stingers Sound. He is cold and antipathetic to everyone, except if they are famous people or if he knows he can use them to obtain some form of benefit. He also has a flirtatious demeanor, especially toward famed and beautiful women.

When Regine first met him at a party on the roof of Stingers Sound and introduced herself, he coldly dismissed her and turned away. However, after Riot introduced Regine to the rest of the attendants, he immediately changed his behavior toward her and they started dating on the next few days.

One of those days, however, Regine caught him in a room kissing with Minx. When she reclaimed him, he mockingly and without showing the least ounce of remorse, answered he cared about her while she was still useful to him, but now that he was on his way up, he didn't need her anymore.



  • Yakitori is a dish in Japanese cuisine that consists of skewed, grilled chicken.
  • Yaki's name, race and hairstyle could be inspired by Chinese actor and martial artist, Jackie Chan, especially from his '70s-'80s era.

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