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Jem and the Holograms (film)

For the animated series character, see Zipper.

Zipper is a character in the 2015 musical, fantasy, adventure film, Jem and the Holograms. He is loosely based on the character of the same name who appeared in the original '80s animated series, Jem.


Zipper is a tall, imposing and quite silent musclehead. He is seen wearing sunglasses most of the time (even indoors) and a leather jacket which add to his menacing-looking persona. He never smiles and addresses people in an imperative manner.


Zipper is Erica Raymond's loyal bodyguard, but primarily, her all-purpose thug. Most of the time, he can be seen silently standing behind her, with his arms crossed and watching over the whole place behind his sunglasses to ensure his boss's security. Added to his normal duties as a bodyguard, though, he is always ready to obey even the simplest of Erica's orders without question, no matter if it means jumping on someone, fists first, to subdue them.

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Zipper subduing Brad, following Erica's orders.

He doesn't seem to have any voice or voting in anything related to his boss's business affairs and, loyal as he is, he even bears with dignity the constant abuse given to him by Erica, as long as there is a big paycheck behind.

However, not everything can be judged by the look of its cover and Zipper is in reality a very sensitive person who just hasn't been given the opportunity to show the world his kind-mannered nature. When Rio announced to his mother that he was taking over Starlight Enterprises, Zipper, as loyal to his profession as he always was, immediately switched sides and made sure Erica was taken out of the building.

Zipper (film) - 05

An inspired Zipper finally smiles after listening to Jerrica's speech.

Throughout the course of the movie, part of his good-natured persona can be seen trying to break out of his cold-looking exterior; however, he always ends up reconsidering the trust put in him and returns to his imposing manners. By the end of the movie, however, and after listening to Jerrica's speech, he finally lets his true-self bloom, all of this while becoming a big fan of Jem and The Holograms.



  • Apparently, Zipper likes Brad's music.